Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

"The essence of a great Kiwi lifestyle"

Aztec pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces capture the essence of coming together for a special occasion, whether it's just for two, or having all of your friends or family over for a very Kiwi experience.

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Whether you are cooking up a storm over summer or rugging up cozy and warm on a winter's evening, with great food or a glass or two of your favourite drink, having lots of fun as you while away the time, we know you’ll enjoy using our Aztec ovens and fires.

Kit set, DIY or professionally installed... our large Alfresco Pizza oven is and our smaller Bambino ovens are perfect for every situation ...

Ensure your pizza oven goes the distance!!

- "Our pizza ovens retain their heat longer" ensuring "hassle free" pizza cooking                                                          "no need to continually reheat the oven with a large fire"

- "Our pizza ovens fit together with ease", interlocking components ensure a simple build.

- "Inner oven and front arch" No messy or time consuming individual fire bricks to worry about.

- "No heavy lifting equipment or hi-ab truck needed", easily assembled by one or two people.

- "Traditional front mounted chimney" a must have for efficient heat distribution and wood burning.

Your Very Own Personalised Aztec Pizza Oven

Yes!! Reflect who you are as an individual or family. Where you live, what you stand for, who you are, where you’ve come from -  the look is only limited by your own imagination.

Aztec pizza ovens, with their unique modular design qualities, enable you as the owner to create your own personalised outer surface finish and look.

From trendy design to traditional to funky to the bizarre, making your pizza oven or outdoor fireplace truly unique, with that special Kiwi inspiration.

Don’t worry, the oven design ensures all the traditional qualities needed to cook an authentic pizza are there. The thermo dynamic qualities match or better the original concepts from Europe.

With many, many satisfied customers now out there, we regularly receive photos of their grand designs, so have a look at their pics.

Time to have a go yourself, just send us an email or give us a call -  we'd love to hear from you!


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