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The Essence of a
Great Kiwi Get Together


The essence of a great kiwi get-together

Like moths, we’re irresistibly drawn to the smell, sight and feel of a fire. An outdoor fireplace from Aztec Fires is just the feature you need to transform your outside living area. Cozy and warm, fun and entertaining, friends and family can enjoy the universal romance of a traditional outdoor fireplace.

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors around a hearty fire with friends, good food and a glass or two of your favourite beverage. Outdoor fireplaces make it easy to entertain all year round and an Aztec Pavilion Fireplace provides a fantastic focal point, you can even BBQ on the grill or hotplate!

Aztec DIY outdoor fireplaces ensure that you’ll get the very best out of your outdoor space.

You can continue to enjoy the longer evenings in a warm, cozy outdoor setting.

outside fires

Exceptional radiant heating characteristics

outdoor fire auckland

Efficient and stylish. Strong, durable, functional

brick pizza oven

Easy to locate and install

pizza ovens for sale

No heavy lifting equipment or hi-ab truck needed

wood oven

Made in New Zealand using only quality materials

Outdoor fireplace kit – build it yourself or use a trusted installer

  • An excellent DIY project (approx. 6 hours assembly time, a great weekend project)
  • Take pride in a job well done
  • Your choice of finish (plaster & paint, natural or artificial stone)
  • Proven design, complete instructions, no mistakes
  • Modular sections easily carried by two people
  • Or ask a trusted installer for a quote     

Our standard DIY outdoor fireplace kits include:

  • 1500 degrees+ masonry/refractory “long life” firebox, (no steel components to rust or burn out)
  • Stainless steel heat visor and fireplace throat
  • Polished & sealed grey concrete front hearth
  • A stylish Classic Heatwave fire grate, efficient ergonomic design
  • External walls, wood box base and chimney sections
  • Fireplace top gathering and chimney support

A stylish outdoor fireplace ready to assemble, plaster & decorate the way you want it.                                

$3,999 incl GST

(Freight is an additional cost, please ask us for a quote to your location)

Have it your way with our DIY fireplace optional extras:


Upgrade to ‘ground & polished exposed stone’ front hearth. Your choice of river pebble (greyish, brownish), Small Bluechip (Blueish, greyish with a white fleck) or limestone (whiteish cream) in light grey, medium grey or cream concrete. $400

steel flue

Stainless steel chimney shroud, flue and rain cap. $890

steel grill

Heavy-duty steel BBQ hot plate OR grill OR 1/2 grill & 1/2 plate – made in NZ. $349

stainless extras

Additional masonry chimney $149 and base sections. $199

Outdoor Fireplaces Made Easy

Our Aztec DIY outdoor fireplaces are straight-forward to construct and come complete with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Each of the individual modular components is easy to lift and carry, making it straight forward to locate and position your Aztec fireplace anywhere you like on your property. No heavy lifting equipment needed!

For full assembly guidelines, simply download our clearly laid out instructions and get building your outdoor fireplace at your place.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here you will find a selection of testimonials from our happy customers together with pictures of their purchases in their gardens. The images give you a good idea of what our products will look like in a real-life setting - your garden!

Quality Products With Kiwi Innovation

Contact us to discuss transforming your outdoor living today! With an Aztec Fire, you'll add value to your home and ambience to outdoor spaces because let's face it, everybody loves a fire.

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