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Building Your PIZZA OVEN

Building Information

Our Aztec Fires pizza oven is straight forward to construct and comes complete with easy to follow assembly instructions or you can download the assembly pdf and specification pdf.

Each of the individual modular components are easy to lift and carry, making it straight forward to locate and position your Aztec pizza anywhere you like on your property.  The 2 inner shells are the heaviest at about 80kg and will require more than 1 person to lift.


Stainless steel chimney flue, shroud and cap, and polished hearth are optional extra’s.

Curing / Burn in:

The first 10 fires must be small in size to keep the heat low and limit the time from 1.5 to 3 hours, this is to ensure that any moisture/vapour trapped inside is allowed to dissipate slowly.  Moisture heated to quickly expands inside the concrete/fire mortar pieces.  Even after the curing/burn in period it is important to start your fires small and build them up slowly, especially if your fire has not been used for a period of time e.g. after Winter.  Hairline cracking is normal and unavoidable especially if your fires get too hot too fast.  This is not a problem structurally.  Concrete does have a mind of its own even if you go through the curing process properly.


fireplace nz

Have it your way with our DIY fireplace optional extras:


Upgrade to ‘ground & polished exposed stone’ front hearth. Your choice of river pebble (greyish, brownish), small Bluechip (Blueish, greyish with a white fleck), or limestone (whiteish cream) in light grey, medium grey or cream concrete. $250

Heatwave fire grate

Stainless Steel Front Arch Face Plate. $450


Chimney & rain cap (stainless steel) $199

refractory fire mortar

30kg Refractory Fire Mortar Bags

If you require extra castable fire mortar we can supply this when you purchase your Aztec Pizza Oven or If you have your own project that requires refractory mortar than this can be supplied on its own $90

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