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Using your Aztec Pizza Oven

Cooking In A Wood Fired Oven At Home – It’s About More Than Just Pizza!

An Aztec wood fired pizza oven may be the ultimate in outdoor cooking, especially if you want something a bit fancier than chops on the barbecue! Using a pizza oven is also a great way to cook awesome beef, pork, venison, fish, poultry, vegetables, bread: pretty much anything with that beautiful flavour that only a true wood fired oven can deliver!

woodfired pizza oven

Getting your fire going!

Ideally light and ready the oven 1.5 – 2 hours before you want to cook. After lighting the fire with smaller kindling pieces, add slightly larger pieces, this gets the fire roaring along. When the fire is well alight, put the door back on the oven and only open it to add the odd piece of firewood. When the oven has been going for a suitable time, push the fire to the back of the oven and leave the door off and you’re cooking.

When it comes to wood fired pizza recipes, everyone has their own style, and in no time at all, you’ll become competent at reading your oven’s temperature! Having a set of good oven gloves makes turning the dishes easy and safe… 


There are virtually no limits to your cooking possibilities; you’re limited only by your imagination. Get to know your oven. Experiment. This oven will make your cooking famous and for much more than just your wood fired pizza recipes.

Nothing cooked in a wood fired oven tastes like food from a conventional oven, it’s much better. Use the oven floor instead of tins to finish cooking your loaves of bread and pizzas. Yummy!!

Aztec Ovens have an efficient chimney system; there’s no need to remove the fire before you start cooking. You’ll be amazed how little firewood is needed to cook up a storm for 15 people.

build a pizza oven kit

Here are some wood fired pizza recipes to get you started …


3 kg bakers flour 1 tbsp dried yeast 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbs baking powder 1.25L - 1.5L water 50 ml extra virgin olive oil. Combine flour with salt, sugar and water. Mix until well-formed dough is attained. In a separate bowl add a small amount of tepid water...


2 cups warm water2 pkt yeast1 tsp salt3 tbsp salad oil4 cups flour Dissolve yeast in warm water in bowl. After dissolving, add salt, oil and flour. Mix well. Turn on floured board and knead, add flour as needed. Place in oiled bowl and let rise, about 2 hours in warm...


1x 400g can chopped tomatoes A handful of fresh basil, chopped 30 ml extra virgin olive oil fresh garlic according to taste, crushed Pinch of salt Combine all ingredients in a blender and spread evenly over the prepared pizza base. Try blending sun-dried tomatoes in...


2 Pounds fresh Salmon with skin on one side (one nice size filet) ¼ cup Olive oil ¼ cup Butter or margarine ¼ cup Fresh Garlic 1 Orange Basil (fresh or dry), Oregano (dry), Rosemary (fresh) ½ Lime (squeezed) ½ Tsp. Sea Salt Black pepper (to taste) Soak the cedar plank...


1 4-5 Kg rib eye roast, de-boned and tied (with the bones) Port Wine Glaze 1 onion1 stick butter¼ cup Rosemary (fresh or dried)½ tsp paprika½ tsp black pepper1 tsp sea salt or kosher salt1 cup port or red wine Sautee onion with a little olive oil, add butter until...

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